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V3 Exciting Foundation
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V3 Exciting Foundation


Product Overview

Usage Instructions:
1. When applying the product, refrain from dragging the sponge. Instead, use it like a "stamp" with a pompon to ensure correct usage of its unique "Innospicule" needle feature.
2. Ensure that the sponge is in parallel and close contact with the skin. For tricky corners (such as the areas around the eyes and nose), it may be helpful to reduce the application surface area by gently bending the sponge.
3. The order of applying V3 foundation is as follows: (1) Chin & below the ears, (2) nose & ear area, and (3) inner corner of the eye-temple. You may apply any leftover cream found on the sponge onto the forehead region.
4. When applying the cream to the above 3 lines of the cheeks, pull up the sponge that reaches the face line a little at the end. It is effective for enhancing the firmness of the entire skin.

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